breathe freely

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Kalie ૐ [Kay-Leee]
21 years around this sun
cosmos kid. nature embracer. spiritual warrior. third eye activator. dolphin dancer. free spirit. yogi. fruit lover. old soul. tree hugger. capricorn. currently a senior studying biology, aspiring naturopathic doctor
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ૐ We Are One ૐ

actually am fed up with people stealing my instagram photos and posting them as their own like they are so artsy and have so many followers, haha, much accomplishment man, here let me give you a virtual hug & feed your ego
WHATS IMPORTANT ANYMORE? certainly not giving credit where it’s due

so many copies of people out there
originality is dying

why do people with big hearts get pulled into dysfunctional relationships?
because they care too much

this is not meant to be a joke